Chrzanów - MOKSiR


The permanent MOKSiR base consists of various different  buildings:
a culture centre with a theatre and cinema hall for 690 people and a full back-stage base, state-of-art cinema and sound equipment /Dolby Stereo SR, a pearl screen/, rooms for theatre, music and dancing rehearsals, workshops: computer workshop,  art and photographic rooms, a reading room with 140 places, a Club, “Na Styku” Gallery, a room for 40 people to hire for parties, meetings, various presentations and other celebrations, multi-function sports and recreation hall with 589 places, back room facilities /locker rooms for contestants/ and a gym, a football pitch sized 20 x 40, for the following disciplines:
- sports contests – football, handball, basketball, volleyball, indoor football, table tennis,
- organisation of sports and recreation events,
- training for  players from many sports  associations of other entities and individuals,
- physical education lessons – schools and other institutions,
- enterprises, traders and other entities may hire the hall to organise fairs, sales and other events.
MOKSiR is the main organiser or co-organiser of traditional, cyclical events, which have been held for many years, such as festivals and reviews of amateur artistic groups and large-scale outdoor  events organised on the Millennium Square.
Theatre performances are organised for children and teenagers, stage performances for the general public , concerts and performances with the participation of cabaret artists and recitals in the theatre room.  "Sztuka" Cinema shows over 350 films every year, mainly premieres. MOKSiR also carries out its own publishing activity. It has got a small library containing poetic pieces of artists from "Cumulus" Group. The "Na Styku" Gallery organises exhibitions and vernissages/previews of outstanding artists and arts classes for children and teenagers.

The Sports and Spectators Hall, located at ul. Kusocinskiego, is open throughout the year.
Local, national and international events have been held there for many years now. The Sports and Spectators Hall contains 589 places for spectators, sanitary block, changing rooms for players. The football pitch sized 20m x 40m is adapted to sports competitions in such disciplines as: football, handball, basketball, volleyball, indoor football, table tennis.
Primary and gymnasium (grammar school) students make use of the pitch in the morning, while players from various sports clubs in Chrzanów train there during the later hours. The league matches, tournaments and other sports events are held there on Saturdays and Sundays.
During the summer season, the Recreation Centre "Basen-Kąty" is opened, which consists of a summer swimming pool, a complex of pitches – a full-size grass football pitch, two pitches for beach ball and an attractive playground for children. The object has got a suitable sanitary block.


Mini golf course
MINI GOLF in "Kąty"!
 Mon-Fri 3.00-6.00 p.m. Weekends: 1.00-6.00 p.m.
Normal - PLN 3
Reduced-fare ticket – PLN 1.50

In MOKSiR Hotel at ul. Sokoła, sports and recreational activity is performed in a fitness room and a gym for ladies "Gracja". MOKSiR also administers  community sports fields complexes in the housing estates: Północ and Trzebińska.


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